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The important stuff:

Does God exist?
This is a question we will not provide an answer to. This does not mean that there is no answer ;-)

Why did God give us free will?
Without free will we would only be marionettes in God's hands. And this would be devoid of sense. Both for Him and for us.

Why does the Pope allow Radio Maria?
You'll find the answer above. We have free will so that we may decide what is right and what is wrong. This is one of the best tests for our conscience.

Why does God allow illnesses, tragedies, pain, suffering, war...?
1. Because they seem to be an inseparable element of humanity.
2. Because that is what life on Earth is like. Without these things - we would be in heaven.
3. Because most are caused by humans and their actions - ill will, stupidity, fear, hatred, greed, incompetence…
4. Because if God took one away he would have to do so for all humankind, it would be unfair otherwise. And this would mean heaven on Earth. And it's too soon for that. And... God is still giving us a chance. He is still waiting for people to make a heaven on Earth for themselves. This is not impossible.
5. Because conquering these things is the perfect test of human character.

Why didn't God do a good job with old age?
Whether or not He did a good job depends on our standpoint.
1. If it wasn't for old age, no one would want to pass on. Yet… when our strength leaves us we begin to think… see… out end drawing near.
2. If it wasn't for old age the natural order of things would be disturbed. Everyone must agree that a 90-year-old's death is less painful than the death of a 40-year-old. "This is how things are" - as the saying goes.
3. If we believe in a life after death - and most of us do - than we move on to a better world after death.
4. If no one died the Earth would be overpopulated and our economy in a state of chaos.
5. Because old age is "harvest time". That is when we know how we raised our children and grandchildren… the "quality" of our friendships.

Is a world without money possible?
Of course, although it would require a great effort from the bottom of our hearts. Let's imagine that money no longer exists. Or - which would amount to the same - that banks and ATMs stop working. What would the world be like? Only chaos, fighting on the streets, struggle to find food… wars. It does not have to be like that.
Everyone should simply behave as if their lives were the same as before. Bakers would bake bread and stockbrokers sell stocks. Only everything would take place without money - only for a simple "thank you". Those words would be used to pay for everyday groceries, plane tickets, vacations or yachts. There would be one more condition. People would have to restrain from excessive and superfluous consumption of goods and services. They could do so only at the right time. If it took you half a year to save up for a new TV before, then in a world without money you would have to wait half a year for a new one. And go on vacation only once or twice a year as before (of course this is just an example). People would simply have to be smart and honest. And only that.
Could such a world function? Yes, but people would have to be really smart. They would have to realize that only then they could be able to maintain the lives they have led thus far. Maybe they would become smart? Who knows? And if no one ruined this "stable system", it could theoretically last forever. The biblical "acquire without money and without payment" could become reality.
If only people were smart... And honest!

What can be read "between the lines" of the 10 Commandments?
The idea of vegetarianism. The 5th Commandment does say: "you shall not murder"; it does not say "you shall not murder people". So…

How to live?
In a nutshell: simplicity, honesty, love and passion. If you come to terms with the fact that you cannot take your possessions beyond this world it is easier to pinpoint the important things in life. God, honor, your fatherland… so to speak. But there is something even more important: your family and close friends. And there are no exceptions from this rule.
If you are an atheist and alone and have given up on others and on God… too bad. You always have your honor, which incorporates such concepts as justice, bravery, congeniality, truthfulness. Yet can they exist without companionship? Samurais could sacrifice their lives for honor at the blink of an eye…
What would you sacrifice?

And on a lighter note...

What can I do to live to be a hundred?
I don't know if I can tell you what to do in order to live to be a 100, but…If you want a long (and happy) life, let go of all of your negative emotions.

What can I do to be happy?
First of all… stop being in such a hurry. Second of all… start giving more than you take.

How do I lose weight?
Decrease your food intake by 1/3, chew gum as a substitute for sweets and exercise during the time you would normally watch your second-favorite TV show.

What can I do to be healthy and rich?
First of all: Keep away from things, people and situations that affect you in a negative way (affect your health, stress you out, cause unfavorable behavior on your part, etc.)
Second of all: Eat only when you are hungry and only enough to satisfy your hunger. Pay attention to what you eat. Vegetables and fish - in that order - should be the main elements of your diet.
Third of all: Make sure to be physically active everyday (walks, bike rides, sport, sex…) for at least a 1/3 of the time you usually spend in front of the TV.
Fourth: Win the lottery and collect your winnings. Don't spend it all on parties or trivialities and don't let the mafia seize it.Fifth:Have 3 objectives that you will meet within a month, a year and 5 years. Take a step, even a small one, every day towards fulfilling these goals.

How do I become wise?
Wisdom can be gauged by the way we treat the elderly, the handicapped, animals, energy and trash. Think about your attitude towards these people and things. How do you treat them? Below are a few "hints":
1. Animals lack only one thing that people have: awareness.
2. Even the smallest particle of saved energy benefits the Earth's resources.
3. Is it possible to live in a big city without using trash cans?

What can I do to improve my sex life?
If you are having problems in that department, change your hitherto routine or try changing something with your partner.

How do I find true love?
First: if you've already found it, stop your search, although there is no danger in searching. If she's/he's the One, you won't lose her/him. Real love never dies!
Second: be open to people, ideas, beliefs, events and situations.
Third: never assume that every relationship or sex leads to love.
Forth, and most important: if the One appears in your life, you will know. You won't need any confirmation, proof or tests. No one will have to tell you that "this is IT".

What can I do to hear "Thank You" from a child?
Don't let him lean his elbows on the table during meals.

What can I do to be immortal?
Believe in LOVE!