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The SinUs Group is our name
SinUsTeam.org is our domain
teamTen counts four brave souls
who still believe in miracles
only one objective lights our way
we will not let it go astray
money and life lessons taught
vanity cannot be bought
do not fear thieves or dragons or vice
and never decline a teacher's advice
hope will light up our homes
when friends come calling to our doors
turn, transfer, twist the cogs
put on masks and thinking caps
make your brain work in agile ways
and love… till the end of days

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SinUs Team does not store anyone's personal information.


/somewhere... once upon a time.../

- Why aren't you rich?

- Good question. Maybe because... I don't need money to be happy.

- And you don't want to be rich? Really rich?

- Hmm...

- Exactly.

- It would make many things easier.

- You could do many things.

- Right.

- So... how's it going to be?

- What do you mean? Do you have any suggestions?

- Yes. You won't guess who I met recently...

/later on/

- The gentle sex would come in handy...

- Anyone particular on your mind?

- The choice is rather obvious.

- I agree.

- So when are we going to have a constituent meeting?

- Maybe... on the thirteenth? I like thirteens.

- Me too. Especially those that come on a Friday.

- So... we're all set.

- Yes. And let there be The Light!