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The SinUs Group is our name
SinUsTeam.org is our domain
teamTen counts four brave souls
who still believe in miracles
only one objective lights our way
we will not let it go astray
money and life lessons taught
vanity cannot be bought
do not fear thieves or dragons or vice
and never decline a teacher's advice
hope will light up our homes
when friends come calling to our doors
turn, transfer, twist the cogs
put on masks and thinking caps
make your brain work in agile ways
and love… till the end of days

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>home & lemma:
SinUs Team does not store anyone's personal information.


The SinUs Team uses two main email accounts (apart from accounts activated for the needs of CLLUB66):

1) normal box / public & spam account:
sinus.team [at] wp.pl

2) priority box / a no-spam and non-public account:
boxworddygit [at] sinusteam.org,
word is the 33rd word of the original Polish version of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of the 2nd of April 1997 (counting should commence after the word Preamble, only "clean" text; all single letters as well as numbers are counted as words; if a word contains diacritical marks - so called glyphs - it should be omitted),
number is the missing 6 digits from the following logical set of numbers: 859713275930758_6370_844714_2716441__403_

If the word is "sprawiedliwość" (justice in Polish) and the number is 123456, then:
Priority box = boxsprawiedliwosc123456 [at] sinusteam.org

And that is the address for the priority option (we will try to check it at least once a day).